DAWN Dish washing liquid 7 oz

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Product Description

Contains biodegradable

contains no phosphate

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  • Alcohol Denat,C10-16
  • Alkyldimethylamine oxide, colorant,fragrance,Chloride,sodium Hydroxide,sodium Laureth Sulfate,Water,Sodium Lauryl,


    Get the squeaky-clean dishes you’re looking for with Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid! Dawn Ultra dish soap has the strength you need to fight even the toughest grease. It’s concentrated so it can clean 2X more greasy dishes* while suds last. So you can cook up big meals in the kitchen without worrying about a big mess in the sink.

    *Per drop vs. the leading non-concentrated brand.

    Cleans 2X More. Cleans 2X more greasy dishes*while suds last

    *Per drop vs. the leading non-concentrated brand

    Tough on Grease. 2X better everyday grease-cutting power