Extra Refreshers Tropical Mint sugar free Gum


Product Description

40 Pieces

Made of Xylitol,Gum Base,Natural and Artificial Flavor,Less Than 2 % of Acacia,Soy Lecithin,Citric Acid,Sorbitol,Mannitol,


Experience a rush of minty flavor with EXTRA Refreshers Spearmint Chewing Gum. Each piece has a crunchy exterior coated in tiny crystals and a chewy center bursting with flavor. This chewing gum will leave you feeling instantly refreshed. Keep a bottle on your desk at the office or bring some extra freshness when you travel. EXTRA Refreshers Gum is an invigorating way to reshape your refreshment. EXTRA Refreshers Gum flavors: Spearmint, Tropical Mist and Polar Ice.