Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Dark Chocolate Peanut & Almond Granola Bars, 12Count


Product Description


Nature Valley Sweet & salty nut dark chocolate Peanut & Almond Granola bars are made with rich dark chocolate chunks, peanuts, almonds and chewy granola. These are dipped in a creamy chocolate coating, bringing your taste buds along for a sweet and salty flavor explosion. It’s a wholesome snack The whole family can enjoy!

Features & details

  • Dark Chocolate chunks with peanuts and almonds make for a sweet-and-salty snack
  • 160 calories is great for a low-calorie snack option
  • 12-Ct box So you don’t run out
  • Real ingredients: granola bars are made with roasted peanuts, 100% whole grain oats and dark chocolate chunks
  • Wholesome snack bar: a delicious snack that gives your body a burst of energy and provides a wholesome treat for your taste buds